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Send us your landing page or Shopify store URL and we'll give you quick  actionable ways to improve it! 

We help you get the basics right so you don't lose out on sales or leads.

We look for:

👎 Poor user experience
🤷 Confusing messaging
😩 Page speed
💩 Design mistakes
💤 Lazy copy
😡 Messy CTA's

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Send us your landing pages or Shopify store URL and we'll give you a quick review on ways to improve it.

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 Hi, I'm David.

I have over 10yrs of professional freelancing experience working with membership sites, building websites, creating digital products and growing businesses. I look for simple, easy fixes you can make to increase your conversions. Simple as that. You have nothing to lose.

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the details

What is a free review?

I jump onto your landing page, put myself in the visitor's shoes, and review it in real-time. After testing and building hundreds of landing pages, I know what works and how to get your page converting. Let me share my knowledge with you.

You have  5 seconds to grab the user's attention. 
Get it wrong... and they'll be gone.

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the process

How it works 🙌

Send us your landing page to review. We'll record the process and send you back a report that includes a video with the recommended edits to make. See some of our example free reviews.

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Enter your details and send us your site. We'll get started on your review.

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Once you receive your review, you can start work on fixing your site.

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The FULL review

A FULL review is where we spend a few hours breaking down your landing page looking for ways you could increase conversions. This includes us looking over your copy joining your email list and lots more...

Headline Copy

Review your copy and create a new hooks for your headlines.


Search for broken links, page speed and ways to improve your site performance to keep Google happy.

Body Copy

We'll read over your messaging and compare it to the language used in your niche.


We'll test if your images are optimized for web and mobile browsing.


We'll test it on mobile for speed and usability.


If there's are ways to improve design we'll point you in the right direction to showcase your product.


We suggest ways to improve your user experience to increase engagement.


We'll suggest ways to improve the functionality and navigation of your landing page.


We'll join your email list and check your email content, links and copy.

Limited Offer

FULL Review



SAVE $100

One time payment

Review your primary pages
On-page SEO audit
List building checked 
UX & UI improvements
Delivered in 1-3 Days
Lifetime access to your review
Video & report

Package available for a limited time

"8 Simple fixes I missed on my page, costing me hundreds of pounds in lost sales."

David Hill - London

Recruitment Concepts

ready to start?

You have nothing to lose

only your visitors who see mistakes on your landing pages. Let me help you fix it.



Do you offer a refund on the FULL review?

No, due to the nature of the work involved we don't offer refunds however we do suggest you have a 5 minute free review to see what kind of fixes we suggest.

Is the 5 minute free completely free?

Yep, you have no obligation to buy a FULL review after.

When do I get my free review?

I am human like you and the free reviews are made in my spare time. Please allow 1-3 days but they are usually sent quicker. It depends on how many we receive each day.

How is the free review delivered?

We send your video review via Loom or we share Notion page if there are some major issues that we recommend you fix. See some of the Loom review examples here.

How long does a FULL review take?

Once you pay for a full review we start work on it the same day. Typically they are completed within two days as we have to right up the full report for you site.

How many pages are covered in a FULL review?

We typically crawl all over your site to check navigation. While we can't review hundred of pages we look at you top entry pages and linked navigation pages that receive the most traffic and offer wide suggestions to improve the overall site.

Do you need access to my site?

No, unless you are asking us to review a protected/members landing page.

Do you review Shopify sites?

Yes, you can submit those for free or FULL reviews.

How many pages are reviewed in a free review?

Just the 1 landing page. If it too long and we find too many mistakes we'll stop around the 5 minute mark. The idea is that we can give you enough actionable points to fix.

Can you fix all the errors on my pages?

Absolutely. Just ask us for a price afterwards.

Can we contact you?

Yes, via the contact form on my website or DM me on Twitter.

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